Hi I’m Kathryn!

I teach women how to use food and lifestyle to boost fertility and have a healthy pregnancy.

Over the past 17 years I have seen miracle after miracle of women being told they couldn’t get pregnant go on to have healthy babies.

“I know firsthand what it feels like to want a baby and feel like it’s never going to happen.”

I was in love, recently married and ready to be the fabulous mom I always knew God put me on earth to be. One problem: I was having trouble getting pregnant.

At first I was mildly concerned but thought, “it will happen when it’s time” and “I will do what I have always done, research and find the right people with the right answers to solve this challenge”. Sounds good (and if you are like me, maybe familiar!) I was ready!

…but it didn’t happen.

Then I had my first miscarriage.

Ok, it was devastating but again I thought, “this happens, don’t get frustrated don’t give up, do more research, talk to more experts. Find the solution.”

Good plan and I kept at it.

My husband was supportive and I had the good fortune to be working with powerful women who could support me with sage counsel.

Not everyone is so fortunate.

Many of the clients I work with as a Fertility Nutrition coach spend tens of thousands doing egg implantation, donor egg, IVF and running up astronomical bills with no better results.

Even though I had some unusual challenges (I had one of my ovaries removed when I was in my teens after a lengthy misdiagnosis, but that is another story)

I leaned in, DETERMINED.

Then I had my second miscarriage. Ouch.
FRUSTRATION, and disappointment overwhelmed me.

It was now going on several years of ‘trying’ to get pregnant without success. Every
miscarriage felt like a giant step backwards.

I stopped sleeping. I lost my period.

I became more and more stressed and anxious and irritable: a long way from the optimistic, happy go lucky mom I knew I was going to be years before.

My friends were getting pregnant all around me. The clock was ticking and I was loosing precious time.

I started working with Dr. Randing Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure, I became deeply interested in how nutrition could effect my hormones and fertility.

I started sleeping, feeling nourished and most importantly my JOY returned – all by living more in accordance with my monthly cycle.

One month in to eating for fertility my period came back— Finally I was feeling hopeful.

I continued to study with Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods and dove into the best foods for fertility.

I wrote a cookbook, Cooking for Fertility, and started a Fertile Foods to consolidate and share the years of experience and information I had spent gathering on infertility.

“One month in to eating for fertility my period came back— Finally I was feeling hopeful.

What I know for sure is:

Nutrition and lifestyle are the KEY steps to preparing for pregnancy both naturally and with IVF.

Once I figured out how to use food and herbs as medicine, exercise in accordance with the phases of my cycle and practice relaxation everyday, I finally got what I had been praying for— my two rainbow babies (Em & Abby).


I only wish I had started here to avoid years of pain and hormonal imbalance.


I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!! Confirmed today at my RE office (boy, are we surprised, they said….), I am just a few weeks pregnant. I also wanted to tell you because YOU BELIEVED IN ME and it happened – a MIRACLE.


So if you feel like you’ve tried everything- don’t give up— let me help you find the place of nourishment and replenishment to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy.